Muumuu to Magnificent 

Dress refashion time!!

So a couple days ago, I got a really bad desire for a pair of overalls. Well five thrift store visits later and no overalls to be found. 

Well…except for a pair of blue Winnie the Pooh overalls but I just can’t rock that 😂

On my last visit I was going through the racks, and I found a bunch of denim dresses. They were outdated and not what I wanted, but still kinda cool. 

As I was going through I grabbed a couple to try on including this monster:

I sent the above snap chat to my new friend from college and she jokingly replied that I could take it in. Well inspiration suddenly struck and I knew I couldn’t leave without the dress. This is why everyone at college thinks I’m crazy.

Plus it was only $4! I grabbed it and a couple other denim items (so except more refashions very soon 😉).

First, I laid a well fitting dress over it and outline a new shape. I wanted to keep the awesome pockets and the original buttons going up the middle.

(“But mommy, I want you to play with me!”)

Then I sewed over the new outline and cut the excess on either side. I ended up cutting a foot of material off of each side 😂

Then I brought the hem up about 6″

I planned on adding new sleeves on but Tyler liked the fraying look so I left them just the way they were.

The finished dress with a belt!! I love it so much. The little bits of white are actually like flowers. Plus any dress with pockets is automatically awesome. 

What a difference:


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