Friday Finish: Gypsy Quilt 

First quilt finish of 2017!!! 

I got the inspiration for this quilt from a Facebook video. I’m sorry I couldn’t find the link now, but it was a women who advertised a one day quilt top from a jelly roll. I’d seen several similar ones but I had no desire to go buy a jelly roll. Some of them are really expensive :/

Then I remembered that I had an old jelly roll from my mum! 

Honestly, the colors of the fabrics weren’t my favorite, so I wasn’t too concerned if the method turned out horrible. 

The directions were kind of like a mystery quilt; you’re supposed to keep sewing and try not to unfold it all until you’re completely done. It really did work up quickly.

On January 3rd I started and finished all of the jelly roll part. Sadly, my jelly roll was a decent bit smaller than the one in the video. It created this very long and narrow quilt. I debated keeping it like this but I eventually decided I wanted it to be wider.

I ran to my local JoAnns and bought some bleached muslin. It was 32″ wide and $1.99/yard. I bought two yards that I cut right down the middle. It was almost the perfect size for the two sides, and the extra 16″ on each side made it perfect.

It was around that point that I was reading a blog that talked about designs with a walking foot. I got my first walking foot with my new machine for Christmas. I decided this was as good of a quilt as any to experiment 🤗 

As I looked at the quilt, I quickly realized the design I wanted:

Stitch in the ditch in the straight, horizontal lines and waving vertical lines. I love the difference between the strictly straight lines going one direction and the wavy lines going the other. Plus, the wavy lines have to be a new favorite of mine. I used that design on another project that I’ll be blogging about as soon as the birthday is over. Free tutorial will be included 😝

The finished quilt is 62″x62″

I used a white sheet as the backing.

My kitty, Felix, has already decided he loves it 😻

Since I was already experimenting with the quilting, I decided to try glue basting on it too. It went so much quicker than pin basting!!! I’ll post another pic once I tried to washing it out to see the results of that experiment. 


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