Christmas Quilt Gifts

I decided to make two quilts as Christmas gifts.

One was a jean quilt for my boyfriend made out of all the blue jeans he wore out our first year of dating. I’m glad I had something so special for him because on Christmas he gave me the best gift ever. After the church service, in front of both of our families, he dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him!! 💍👰🏼

It was such a special moment, but that’s a lot of mushy love stuff for one post lol so here’s a picture of him holding the quilt I made him 

The other quilt I made was just as special. It was a combined gift from Tyler and I to his parents (though mainly his mum lol). And by combined, I mean he bought the fabric and I made the quilt 🙄😁

They really seemed to love it. I used a bunch of pink because that’s her favorite color. Then the tan squares have different bible verses and quotes about family.

It had a lot of wrinkles when I was done, unfortunately. For Christmas, I got a new sewing machine that came with a walking foot for hopefully the next one will be a bit better .

One final mushy moment, isn’t my ring gorgeous?? I love it so much 😁❤️


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