An Appreciation Post 

“I will sing for the one I love…”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭5:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬

I appreciate my fiancé so much!! He’s such an amazing man. I recently wanted to highlight his willingness to learn a skill that’s important to me. 

A large part of relationships is learning to share. Share interests, share time, share space. That’s part of why in can sometimes be easier for similar people to get together; they already have so much in common.

Tyler and I have a lot of things in common, but there are also several very different areas. For him, it’s cars. For me, it’s my love of sewing and such. The other day we had a free evening and he decided he wanted to learn to sew 😳 I know, right, so random? 

But he did absolutely amazing!! 

He made sure to iron the pieces so everything would be very flat. Then he knew from carpentry that it’s important to square up two things you plan to join. He grabbed my rotary cutter and cut the edges nice and straight. 

After only the slightest bit of instructions on how to use the machine, he was off. We turned the speed down pretty low and he took it nice and steady around the edge. He actually did better than I usually do because I try to rush 😂 

While he was using the sewing machine, I worked on my hand tying project ❤️

It only took him maybe an hr start to finish, and he had a great pillow. I must say it looks great! Luckily I had a bunch of polyfill, so we didn’t have to take time buying more. I did hand sew up the turning hole, but he did everything else himself. Look how happy it made him 😍

It made me really happy to get to share this with him 😁


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