4th of July Fun 

Fourth of July is always a big deal at camp. Probably because it is the only proper holiday that occurs during the camp season.  This summer, I am working as Head Cook at a local camp. I am hoping to share some of the fun recipes we're making as well as any cooking or cleaning … Continue reading 4th of July Fun 


Easter Bird’s Nest Cake 

Facebook showed me a great video of a cake that had been carved and decorated to look like a bird's nest. They used peeps as the bird on top! While that idea was super cute, I'm not at that cake baking level. After a string of badly decorated cakes (including one were the icing just … Continue reading Easter Bird’s Nest Cake 


Wednesday= Works In Progress I currently have so many different projects that I'm working on. I'm still working on my monthly goal of finishing up all my Sashay Boutique yarn for scarves. Currently at 5/22 completed. It should be 6, but the one tangled terribly. I had to undo it twice and completely undo the … Continue reading WIP